Vacant Property Solutions

Vacant Property Solutions: Inspection, Maintenance, and Security

At ILJ Logistics, we understand the unique challenges associated with managing vacant properties. Whether you have properties awaiting development, sale, or lease, maintaining their condition and security is crucial. Our comprehensive vacant property solutions are designed to ensure your property remains in flawless condition, meets all necessary insurance standards, and is protected from potential risks. Our services include detailed inspections, proactive maintenance, and strong security measures, providing you with peace of mind and safeguarding your investment.   

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Did You Know?

The Office for National Statistics reported that on Census Day, there were 1.5 million vacant homes in England? This represents 6.1% of all homes, with London having the highest proportion at 8.0%. Of these, 91.6% were empty, and 8.4% were second homes without permanent residents. 

These statistics highlight the importance of proper management and security for vacant properties to prevent deterioration and unauthorised access.

Regular, detailed inspections are essential to maintaining the integrity of your vacant property. Our inspection services include:

Perimeter Checks

We conduct thorough perimeter inspections to ensure the property is secure and free from unauthorised access.

Building Condition Checks

Our team examines the overall condition of the building, identifying any signs of damage or deterioration that need attention.

Water System Flushes

Regular flushing of water systems prevents stagnation and maintains hygiene standards.

Utility Meter Readings

Accurate utility meter readings help monitor usage and detect any irregularities.

Utility Shut Off Checks

We ensure all utilities are properly shut off when not in use to prevent unnecessary costs and potential hazards.

Identifying Potential Issues

Early detection of potential problems, such as leaks, structural damage, or pest infestations, allows us to address them before they escalate into costly repairs.   

Keeping your vacant properties in excellent condition requires proactive and ongoing maintenance. Our maintenance services include:

Waste Removal and Disposal

  • We manage waste removal and disposal, ensuring your property remains clean and free from debris.

Minor Repairs

  • Prompt attention to minor repairs prevents small issues from becoming major problems.

Ground Maintenance

  • Our team maintains the grounds around your property, including landscaping and general upkeep, enhancing curb appeal and preventing deterioration.
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Security Services for Vacant Properties

Protecting your vacant properties from unauthorised access, vandalism, and other security threats is a top priority. Our security solutions include:

  • Permanent or Temporary Alarms: We install and monitor alarm systems that provide continuous protection against intrusions.
  • CCTV: Comprehensive surveillance with CCTV cameras ensures real-time monitoring and recording of all activities on your property.
  • Fire Detection: Advanced fire detection systems safeguard your property against fire hazards, providing early warnings and minimising potential damage.  

Meeting insurance standards and reducing premiums are important aspects of managing vacant properties. ILJ Logistics helps you achieve this by:

Photographic Evidence: We provide photographic evidence to support insurance claims and compliance requirements, demonstrating that your property is well-maintained and secure.  

Providing Full Reports: Detailed inspection and maintenance reports document the condition and upkeep of your property.

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At ILJ Logistics, we are committed to providing solutions that meet the specific needs of your vacant properties. Our expertise in inspection, maintenance, and security ensures that your property remains in optimal condition and is ready for future development.  

Contact us today to discuss how our specialised vacant property solutions can support you. Let us help you protect your investment and provide the peace of mind you deserve.